NMU Fight Song and Alma Mater

NMU Fight Song

Wildcats of Northern
We're behind you in this game
We're the Wildcats of Northern
Do your best to win acclaim
You are the pride and joy
Of every person young and old
So do your best
For Northern's glory
Fight for the green and gold

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NMU Alma Mater "Hail Northern" by Luther S. West

Hail Northern, we thy sons and daughters
Now bring thee tribute long deserved,
Thou beacon light 'mid nature’s grandeur
Through passing decades well preserved.
O may we labor with untiring zeal
That when these golden days have flown
We may with honor face the future
And match thy courage with our own!
We shall go forth inspired, devoted,
The light of wisdom to extend
That liberty of thought and worship
Within our land may never end.
And when in years to come, we ponder well
Our sojourn 'neath thine ivy’s walls.
Our hearts will pledge renewed devotion.
In hallowed memory of thy halls.