Sports Hall of Fame

Northern Michigan University Sports Hall of Fame

The Northern Michigan University Sports Hall of Fame is an elite group of Northern Michigan University alums, staff, and contributors who have distinguished themselves in the field of athletics. 

The purpose of the Northern Michigan University Sports Hall of Fame is to recognize athletes or teams who have distinguished themselves in the field of athletics, either by virtue of their performance on athletic teams representing the University or by meritorious efforts on behalf of athletics either as an undergraduate or in years after leaving the University.  Consideration will also be given to those who have made other significant contributions to the athletic program at Northern Michigan University.

The nominee must be a former NMU student-athlete or team. Faculty, staff and others who have made a significant contribution to Northern’s athletic program, or have given significant contributions to NMU athletics, may also be considered.

  1. Student-Athletes
    1. The nominee must have departed Northern Michigan University five years
    2. The nominee must have demonstrated good citizenship.
  2. Coaches, administrators, faculty, staff, or other contributors
    1. Are not bound by a time limit.
    2. Current NMU coaches and staff are not eligible for consideration.
    3. The nominee must have demonstrated good citizenship
  3. Teams
    1. For consideration, a team must have demonstrated national prominence. 
    2. No more than one team will be recognized in any given year.
    3. Five years must elapse before a team could be so recognized.
    4. Team nominations and inductions include all student-athletes and coaching staff.

Nominations can be made online or via a printable nomination form

Current members of the Northern Michigan University Sports Hall of Fame


Current Nominees for the NMU Sports Hall of Fame
These nominations are currently under consideration by the NMU Sports Hall of Fame Selection Committee.  Supporting information for any current nominee is welcome. 

Nominee Sport
1976 Football Team Football
1979-80 Hockey Team Hockey
1979-80 Men's Basketball Team Basketball
1980-81 Hockey Team Hockey
1980-81 Men's Basketball Team Basketball
1956 Football Team Football
1967 Football Team Football
1981 Football Team Football
1987 Football Team Football
1995-96 Women's Basketball Team Basketball
1997-98 Women's Basketball Team Basketball
2007 Women's Ski Team Nordic Skiing
Barefield, Reggie  Football
Benton, Brad  Football
Berger, Phil Hockey
Bottum, Don H. Contributor
Bradshaw, David  Swim & Dive
Brathol, Cory  Basketball
Brumm, Bob  FB, BB, Tennis, Baseball
Challancin, Paul  Football, Baseball
Cuccinotto, Paul  Football
Dafoe, Mandee  Basketball
D'Arras, Paul Football
Donaldson, Dawn  Volleyball
Drake, Rae  Coach
Edens, Don  Football
Ellis, Dean  Basketball
Gati, Jack  Football
Grahek, Jim  Nordic Skiing
Haggart, Ken  Football, Track
Hamilla, Frank  Basketball
Hartberger, Cory  Baseball, Football, Track
Herioux, Scott  Football
Hill, Don M.  Football, Basketball
Hill, William Basketball
Hofer, Chris  Football
Holman, Grove  Football, Basketball
Jacobetti, D.J. Contributor
Jeliazkova, Vesselina  Tennis
Jones, Tim  Wrestling
Kerr, Richard  Football
Koopman, Kristin  Tennis
Kovack, Dave  Basketball
Krepps, Tom  Wrestling
Kuhn, Emil  Wrestling
LaPointe, John  Football
Larson, Abigail  Nordic Skiing
Lawn, Keith  Wrestling
Leonard, Andrea  Volleyball
LePage, Marisa Basketball
Maki, Onnie  FB, BB, Track
McCune, Jerry  Football
McQuillan, John  Contributor
Minard, Sam  Basketball
Mrachek, Tammie (Anderson)  Basketball
Myler, Ben  Coach
Nelmark, Jack  FB, BB, Track
Neyens, Sue (Mass)  Swim & Dive
Niemi, Theresa Swim & Dive
Olsen, Darryl Hockey
Oystrick, Nathan Hockey
Pavloski, Don  Contributor
Pebbles, Lori Swim & Dive
Pinks, Brian Football
Popp, Rick  Football
Pyle, Jeff Hockey
Santorelli, Mike Hockey
Sarnowski, Heather (Mizer)  Volleyball
Schuette, Pauline  Volleyball
Schwab, Thomas  Swim & Dive
Seger, Gordon  Football, Track
Smyth, Morgan Nordic Skiing
St. Germain, Thomas Ellsworth  FB, BB
Storm, Kim Swim & Dive
Stump, Ron  Football
Suomi, Paul  Contributor
Taccolini, Fred  Basketball, Contributor
Turner, Cathy  USOEC Speed Skating
Wilkinson, Jeremy  Football 
Wonders, Julie (Heldt)  Basketball
Wonders, Matt  Basketball