Superior Dome

Since first opening its doors in the fall of 1991, the average 
yearly attendance in the Superior Dome has been 300,000 people.  These figures represent potential customers to businesses in Marquette County and the Upper Peninsula.  For your business to reach these potential customers in the most cost-effective manner possible, let us work with you to develop a program that best serves your advertising plan and budget.

Message Center and Scoreboard Panels

The message center is located at the west end above the end zone.  It contains flip cubes that are computer programmed to display messages throughout the course of an event.  Surrounding the message center are four lighted ad panels.  Each of these ad panels is 7'6" x 10'.  These panels are permanent and are contracted for one year.

The scoreboard is located at the east end above the end zone.  It is used for all athletic events held in the Superior Dome. Surrounding the scoreboard are four lighted ad panels.  Each of these ad panels are 4' x 8'.  These are also permanent and contracted for one year.

These two lighted ad panel locations are sold as a package.

Action graphics rotating panel sign

The Action Graphics display is located in the southwest corner of the Superior Dome.  The sign is an 8' x 20' three-sided rotating display board.  The rotation of the panels occurs approximately every eight seconds.  This sign has been placed in an elevated area and is angled so it can be seen from the majority of the playing arena.

The Action Graphics display provides the advertiser with a tremendous amount of exposure because of its size also because of its elevated location.  The ad panels are permanent and contracted for one year.

Outdoor marquee sign

The event board is a lighted sign located along Presque Isle Avenue at the entrance to the Superior Dome.  The board is a 10' x 10' lighted (at night) sign board featuring the Superior Dome logo, an ad panel, and space to list the current event in the Superior Dome.  Your ad is visible on both sides. 

Billboard display signs

The billboard display signs are located on the walls surrounding the playing surface of the Superior Dome.  The signs are 4' x 12' and are single-sided.  They are mounted above the playing surface to provide a great amount of
exposure and visibility.  The signs are found in the corners of the building, along the west wall and above the south bleachers of the facility.

To become a part of the team or to obtain more information, contact Robin Burke, Athletics Business Manager, at 906-227-2491 or